11 Things you need before bringing puppy home

Thinking about getting a new puppy?

Here’s what you NEED before bringing your ball of fur home [and a few things that are really nice to have].

1. Dog Bed or Blanket:

Puppies can outgrow their dog beds. We suggest starting with a machine washable blanket your puppy will have accidents while potty training.

2. Chew Toys:

Puppies are teething, chewing, eating machines. Keep your walls, blinds, shoes & furniture intact with chew toys. Puppies love Nyla Bones, bully sticks and tough toys.

3. Crate:

Crate training is often used to help potty-train your pup. The crate acts as a den for your puppy. In addition to being a comfortable space to nap and play, the crate limits access to the rest of the house while your puppy learns other rules of the house.

4. Pee Pads:

Great way to jump start potty training. Especially helpful during the winter.

5. Leash & Collar:

While you don’t need these when you first bring your puppy home, as soon as your pup has all of his/her shots, you’ll need a leash and collar to take them out and about.

6. Puppy Food:

Check with your local pet store for some advice. There are many great, natural puppy foods they can suggest.

7. Training Treats:

Keep your puppy motivated by reinforcing good behavior.

8. Carpet Spray:

Puppies have accidents! Make sure you have carpet cleaning spray on hand.

9. Carpet Cleaner:

Get those stains out with a pet specific carpet cleaner.

10. Dog Tag / ID:

Make sure your new puppy has a name tag with your contact info on it. Once your dog is spayed/neutered, be sure to get him/her microchipped, just in case your puppy happens to be an escape artist.

11. Vet:

Find a vet that you trust. Puppies needs regular shots and boosters. Its also good to have a vet on standby in case your puppy gets sick.

Other things that are nice to have

Dog Gates
Keep your puppy in a designated area in the house with play pens and gates.

Dog Sitter / Walker
Finding a good dog sitter and walker is important. When you are out of town, find someone you trust to watch your puppy and it’ll make it a little bit easier.

Food Storage Bin
You don’t need to keep your dog food in a storage bin, but the bin keeps the dog food fresh and makes it easier to scoop into a bowl.

Dog Brush
Check with your local pet store for a dog brush. Some brushes work best on combing out fluffy dogs, while others are great removing clumps of hair

Dog Toothbrush
Dogs have special toothbrush and toothpaste.

Carseat Protector
Dogs love riding in cars. Keep your seats protected from drool and any doggy accidents with a blanket or car hammock.

Anything we forgot? Add your puppy must haves in the comments below

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