The Beginning

We are creators, we are thinkers, we are adventurers, and we are downright demanding consumers. As a company we stand for Better. Better designs, better products, and a better price. We believe Adventures are better Together. Most of our traditional adventures [big and small] are with friends, family and loved ones. But what about the four-legged members of our families? They deserve better too.

We explored several avenues for our first product, yet none of them seemed to stand up to the brand we want to create. We spent over a year developing a multi-functional leash with an innovative design and it was starting to look really great… then Milo came along.

Milo is a 7 month old precocious miniature Australian Shepherd who loves to play… and chase cars. He has been known to Houdini his way out of his leash and take off running. This was a MAJOR problem – Milo is deaf and can only rely on sight to find his way back to us. The new leash we had designed was no exception, so we went back to the drawing board.

Milo at 9 weeks

Since we are adventurers, we decided to create something that allowed us to take our furry friends everywhere.

On a late night idea session we stumbled upon a new coated webbing material that can stand up to water, dirt, smell thing, you name it. This was the perfect solution for an outdoor adventure leash. The webbing material was ordered, but we still hadn’t figured out how to keep Milo safe.

There are a ton of leashes on the market. Ones with big clasps, small clasps and even locking carabiners. Unfortunately, the locking carabiners are too cumbersome Milo and his petite frame [we’d say small, but Milo thinks he is mighty].

After creating a few additional prototypes, it was clear we had a winner. The perfect leash for dogs large and small. The material holds up to water, dirt, mud, and mess without becoming stinky or musty. Most of all it is safe. Our auto-lock carabiner ensures your dog [and Milo] will remain secured to the leash. Best of all, this carabiner is smaller and lighter than any other carabiner style leash mechanism on the market.

Milo smiling on the Adventure Leash
Milo smiling on the Adventure Leash

We are manufacturing the Adventure Leash here in Texas. Why? Because it’s better this way. By handcrafting every leash we are creating a more meaningful relationship with our customers and their dogs. Each leash is made to order, we also offer fully custom leashes to suit your needs.

And that’s how it all started… true story.

We also offer custom length and color options. For customization inquiries, email us at: [email protected]