Red Adventure Collar


  • Waterproof & Washable
  • Dirt & Mud Proof
  • No Stink
  • Each Hole is ½” Apart
  • Sizes XS – S – 5/8″ Width
  • Sizes M – L – 3/4″ Width
  • Sizes XL – XXL – 1″ Width
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Waterproof Dog Collar

No one likes a soiled, stinky collar. Whether your pup is a natural swimmer or just likes to roll around in mud and muck, you’ll never have to worry about nasty, grungy collars ever again. The durable coated webbing is waterproof, dirt-proof, mildew-proof, stink-proof and ready for your next adventure. Available in 6 standard sizes, this waterproof dog collar is perfect for everyone in your pack.

Why purchase a waterproof dog collar?

Waterproof dog collars are a great choice for active and adventurous dogs. Our Adventure Collar stands up to mud, dirt, water, snow, grass, and other smelly things your dog might roll in. Simply give the collar a rinse under some warm water, and its fresh and clean again. Unlike traditional webbing or leather collars, our collars will never get dingy or stinky from mildew.

Not only do our collars stand up to the task out in the wild, but they are also a great for everyday wear. The bright colors are UV resistant to stand the test of time. Dirt and oils from your dog’s skin can cause discoloration and stains on a traditional collar, but any grime on the Adventure Collar completely washes away with ease.

How do I know what size collar to buy my dog?

In order to select the best fit, it’s important to take the time to measure your dog’s neck. Our collars are sized based on neck size. The easiest way to determine the proper size is to Use a soft sided measuring tape to measure comfortably around your dog’s neck in the collar position. Take care not to pull the tape to tightly or leave it too loose. There is no need measure leaving space for two fingers, just measure comfortably. If your dog has neck flaps, be sure to lift them up and out of the way.

Have a collar that fits great? Use that to measure! For slide release buckle style collars, use a ruler or measuring tape to measure from the beginning of the material on the female buckle side to the tip of the male buckle side. For prong buckle style collars, measure from the base of the prong to the hole that you use.

How can you tell if a collar is too big or small?

There are a few way dog owner’s can tell if a collar is too loose or too tight. If you cannot slide the collar around your dog’s neck or fit a finger or two in between the collar and your dog’s neck, then it’s too tight and may be causing discomfort. However, if the collar is flopping and spinning around too easily, then it may be too loose. If you are attaching a leash to the collar and your dog can slide his head out, it is too loose.

Fall between sizes?

It’s ok, it happens! Because our collars are made to order, we are happy to make a custom size for you. Check out our Custom Adventure Collar, we will fit your dog to the center hole so there is plenty of room on both sides for adjustment.

What are Petoji waterproof collars made of?

Our Adventure Collars and Leashes are made from a material called Biothane. Biothane is a PVC coated webbing with superior durability. The webbing is waterproof, dirt proof, and stink proof as well. The coating is 100% non toxic and safe for animals. It should be noted, that even though they are non toxic, you should never let your dog chew on or swallow our products because they are not digestible and can cause harm. Biothane is a more that 50 year old company and the industry leader in coated webbing products. Biothane products are safety and strength tested, and applied across a variety of applications from medical to military use.

Care Instructions

Even the toughest dog collar gets dirty. Wash your Adventure Collar in warm water to remove dirt and pat dry with a towel. If that dirt is particularly stubborn, use mild soap or a dab of rubbing alcohol when washing. Don’t spray products containing DEET on or around the Adventure Collar as it can damage the coating.

How durable are Petoji waterproof collars?

Our Adventure Collars are extremely durable due to the nature of the coated webbing. Any sort of grime easily rinses away and keeps your dog’s collar looking fresh and new. Biothane does not fade or fray like traditional webbing, ensuring it will outlast any traditional collar. The coated webbing is also abrasion resistant.

Need some more info? Check out our FAQs.