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More Sizes and Custom Lengths Available

Why not just offer Small, Medium and Large? We believe your dog’s collar should have precise fit for optimal comfort. We offer 6 standard sizes with hole spacing every 1/2″. This ensures there is never too much excess hanging off the collar and getting caught on things. We can also create a custom collar if our standard sizes don’t perfectly meet your needs.


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What Other People Are Saying


Petoji leashes and collars are truly remarkable! Having a collar and leash that is waterproof, dirt proof, and stink proof means a lot in our household! Henry loves to get dirty and it is amazing that when we get home, I can just wipe the dirt right off making them brand new again! Petoji is our go-to adventure leash and collar 🙂


I ordered a custom 3/4” small collar and a 5/8” 30ft long lead for my dog with selective recall so I could safely let him have room to run. It was quick and easy conversation to get my custom order, and I got my package two days after it shipped! These are my 5th and 6th Petoji items, Im obsessed with how convenient it is to wash the gear after every muddy or sandy adventure. And you’ll always find great customer service from this company.


This collar has served us wonderfully and we will consistently be using it in the future especially on adventures where there will be wet conditions. I would absolutely without hesitation recommend this collar for camping, hiking, swimming, mud loving fur friends…

Petoji Waterproof Dog Collar (Lime Green) - @DustyDesertDogs
Petoji Waterproof Dog Collar (Lime Green) - @DustyDesertDogs

The Only Collar You’ll Ever Need


Our Adventure Collars are made from a material called Biothane, a coated webbing that is washable and waterproof.


Even the toughest dog collar gets dirty. This durable collar can handle whatever your adventure brings. Dirt and grime wash away with ease and making your collar feel like new every time.

No Stink

Unlike conventional nylon or leather collars, our waterproof collars will never become stinky or mildewy after getting wet. Whatever mess your dog likes to roll in, rest assured it will wash right off.

More Sizes and Custom Lengths Available

We offer 6 standard sizes as well as custom options to achieve a perfect fit. Need an extra D-ring on the back? or prefer a wider or narrower collar? We can build that for you.